Razer Pro|Click Mobile, Sweet Nectar for Notebook Gods

I like my notebook, but I loathe using a trackpad for my mouse. I also find typical portable notebook mice lack enough sensitivity for my tastes. Razer's latest notebook mouse, the Pro|Click Mobile aims to remedy both of these pet peeves. The $49.99 Pro|Click Mobile has a 1200 dpi resolution making it very accurate to… » 10/28/07 10:10pm 10/28/07 10:10pm

Hercules i-XPS 120 Outdoor iPod Speaker Dock

I'm not sure why every product made for the iPod has to start with a small "i". Anyway, Hercules has a new outdoor speaker for your iPod coming soon called the i-XPS 120. The cool part is that this particular speaker is designed for the outdoors and is waterproof. So waterproof, in fact, that the test unit Hercules… » 10/28/07 8:29pm 10/28/07 8:29pm